System map 2.0 and before/after case study

Based on feedback in the class, the system map i created last week has several problems. I found that the earlier version doesn't have a very clear logic connection between each element; there is no direction between flows; and because it included two main element which are "be less rational", and "be rational", it was not clear that which is the problem and which is the solution.

In the class, I realized that I was trying to make an association map, covering the relationship between rational & less rational behaviors, using a now timescale to help my audience / people who are blind trust rationality / are too rational to identify the value of less rational behaviors.

Now I've refined this map. and am able to carry out two maps.

To clarify the problem I identified was not being rational itself, i made this diagram to show the difference between "rational", which is acceptable, and "too rational," which is problematic:

In my definition, trying to logically analyze in every situation is where the problem locates. Then I listed three typical situations where people shouldn't be too rational, including desperate situation, when we comfort other people, and situation of over-analyzing. Then extrapolated three bad results when people think rationally in these situations.


on the other side of the diagram-the bottom, three less-rational behaviors generates, as solutions of these problems caused by being too rational in these situations.

The map covers the main idea of my product, experience, service and App work, but not includes detail of my every project yet.

Xumeng MouComment