Sour Grape

Awareness campaign for psychology defense mechanisms.


Psychology defense machanisms are a series of strategies that the unconscious mind use to pretect human’s self-esteem. I ‘m facinated by them and decided to create a pupolar science campaign to introduce them to more people.

SourGrape introduces the concept of Psychologoly Defense Machanisms in the form of a made-up chatbot “service“.

“Targeting” people who are not good at comforting, the chatbot comes up with comforting sentences based on defense mechanisms, and provide comforting gifts for users to purchase.

“Asking friends for comfort is a big part of social life, but not everybody is good at comforting. When you have no idea how to comfort someone, SourGrape is where you ask for help.“

— beta user Magic Mirror

Matuality of defense mechanisms by George Vaillant

Matuality of defense mechanisms by George Vaillant

The name Sour Grape is inspired by the story Fox and Grapes.

Aesop’s fable “Fox and the Grapes” tells the story of a fox that wishes to eat grapes from a vine but simply cannot reach them. Ultimately, rather than admitting defeat, the fox tells himself that the grapes are, in fact, undesirable, negating his sense of “loss”. The idea of ‘sour grapes’ is a perfect example of Rationalization.