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Rewrite The Dream

Engaging pedestrians on Highline in politics discussion at the election day of 2016.


Team with Josh Corn, Alexia Cohen, Will Lenz, Andrew Schlosinger and Kevin Cook.



American Dream

While the American dream can no longer take hold in a unified belief of the atomic family, high society opportunity, and the white picket fence, we gathered to show that we can still join in support of each person’s individual dreams.

Mad Lib

To get participants to say their individual dreams out loud, while creating fun experience for our participants, we decided to create a Mad Lib.

It started with just a few questions: What are three material things you want in your life? What are three non-material goals you have? And with those answers, a dream came to be in the form of a Mad-Lib. Participants could then take their dream up to the stage and read it aloud for all to hear.