Plant Mood


Plant Mood

“It may be thirsty.”

“Is it sick?”

“Why is it not responding to my watering?”

We gradually acquiesce in the fait accompli that plants can’t communicate with human. In this design I detected many datas concerning plants, such as electrical signal, photosynthesis rate and transpiration rate by using electric conduction and infrared technology. Then I visualized these signals or converted them into different sounds. Later the Plant Mood came into being. According to my research, people like to talk to plants. And people usually know that the plants are ill only after they have becoming ill for couple of days. Study shows that plants can grow well when there is suitable frequency of sound waves, and some measuring instrument can measure the plant's health.

With Plant Mood, plants will no longer be silent and people can know better about the demand of their plants.

Plant Mood is a flowerpot which enables people to have conversations with plants. They can read the language of plants and also can hear the voice of them. They learn the plant moods by measuring the changes of chemicals in leaves.