Nerdy Slurp

A product failed to be pitched to MoMA Design Store.


In a collaboration between MoMA Design Store and SVA Products of Design, I came up with Nerdy Slurp.

Nerdy Slurp is a watermelon holder that can measure the angle of watermelon pieces, and stop juice dripping on people's hands. While users are eating watermelon, the juice can be collected by Nerdy Slurp, for users to drink afterward.

It was a funny idea and got a good laugh during the pitch, but didn’t make it to the end.

I learned a few things from this failed product pitch. For example, acrylic glue is not healthy when being applied to a direct food container, and when you pitch a product to MoMA, remember to always match the brand voice and lifestyle of your target users. Also, I slightly overestimated the amount of juice dripping from one piece of watermelon, and the buying power of nerdy users that would be annoyed by dripping watermelon juice.

Next time I will do a better job, hopefully.