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Copy of LollyTemp

A speculative candy brand.


The study of melting temperature of chocolate can be controlled by the portion of fat, inspired me to create Chocometer.


The Chocometer is a candy thermometer that uses melting chocolate to take the temperature. It helps children to fight against the fear of doctors' visits and hospital stays. 

Users suck on the lollypop for 30 seconds, and then remove it. Doctors, parents, and patients can then take the temperature reading simply by seeing what chocolate has melted, and looking at the corresponding number adjacent to it. Afterwards, of course, people can pop the lollypop back in their mouths and enjoy the treat.

The lollipop is made up of two ingredients. The center disk is a typical flavored candy, and around the outside edge are six unique chocolate dots—each containing chocolate with a different melting point. 

Candy stores and drugstores are perfect retail fits, and the packaging sensitively straddles the line between fun and functional—not too clinical, but with just enough delight.