The Emoji Fan.

Portable ice breaker adding fun that enhance our face to face communication.


The Emoji Fan is a portable ice breaker that brings “new face expressions” we create in the digital world into our physical lives, adding fun that enhance our face to face communication. 


We are asked to choose an obsolete tool in history, redesign this tool based on modern society’s needs, shift the value proposition, and make it valuable in the present world.

Fan Language

The folding fan used to be an important product in social interaction and communications. But nowadays, fan language is not popular as a communication tool. 


Emojis have been more than just copying real face expressions and sometimes can present more subtle meanings.

For example, the heart eyes emoji and the zzz emoji don’t exist as real face expressions, and we don’t always sweat or have flushed face when we are embarrassed. However, in digital communications, we use these new expressions a lot. We even get very good at manipulating these emoji to add visual components to express our thoughts.

What if we bring these emoji to real life, and add humor and assistance to our face to face communication?

The Emoji Fan

By placing element of emoji that everybody knows to the graphic of a fan, I designed a serious hand fan that is understandable, portable, easily mass produced, and can interact with people’s faces. With this emoji fan, people can have humorous and creative ways to communicate at parties and events.