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A speculative wishful thinking App


Crxss is part of my master thesis—Absurd Intelligence: Explorations of the Unconscious.

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Crxss is a social media platform for people go to when they have wishes whose outcome they cannot control and can do nothing but cross their fingers and hope.

In Crxss, people can make magical deals with themselves or a super natural being by typing a wish and a promise (towards the project of becoming a better person). The promise is made in exchange for the assurance that the wish will come true. Once the deal has been made, the wishes and promises show up together in a feed that friends can review, like or comment on. Crxss helps people build empathy and understand other's anxieties.

In desperate situations, people rarely behave “sensibly” or “logically”.  When desperate, people try anything. This desperate response, which very often involves magical thinking—making a deal with one’s self in order to get through a difficult situation—is yet another example of a neurotic defense.

In our life, sometimes we have wishes that we can’t control, like wishing a lost animal would just appear in its bed when we return home or fantasizing about being told that the doctor actually made a huge mistake with a cancer diagnosis. 


If a User’s wishes come true, s/he is required to keep the associated promise(s). For instance, if the promise is to donate money to charity, the App will facilitate that; if the promise tohelp others or to make a change along the lines of becoming a vegetarian, for instance, the User can post in-progress photos so that his/her progress can be monitored by friends. However, if the wish does not come true, Crxss also facilitates comforting by his/her participating friends.






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