Access LTD. — Experience Design


As part of NYCxDesign, the students of the MFA in Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts present ACCESS LTD, a set of roving checkpoints that investigates the way access is granted and denied by design—based on where we’re from, what we look like, how we speak, and what we own. 


Embracing the international theme at the Wanted Design show, the students explore the way our national, cultural, and personal identities determine our opportunities—both locally and globally. Despite global common ground and interdependence, our differences continue to influence what rights and privileges we enjoy. Using the language and tropes of border control, the work invite guests visiting the Wanted Design exhibition to examine the role of design in granting or limiting an individual’s access to place, people, and prosperity.

Visitors receive a passport and collect a stamp at each of the 5 checkpoints. In order to complete their documentation, they are asked to:

ADOPT a foreign identity
MOVE adeptly between cultures
CONNECT words to wares
REVEAL the personality of possessions
EMBODY your design desires

I focused on group ideation, and the design, production of props for Adopt.



Checkpoint: ADOPT asks guests to select a new nationality to be stamped on their passport. But there’s a catch: they will need to convince the patrollers that they can pass by saying one key phrase in their adopted country’s language. 

Guests listen to the phrase “Hi, can I tell you about my work?” and receive a phonetic spelling of that phrase in the language they’ve chosen, and have three attempts to pronounce it correctly.