"A lucky guess is never merely luck, there is always some talent in it."

Emma, Jane Austin


Inthlete is part of my master thesis—Absurd Intelligence: Explorations of the Unconscious.

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Inthlete, an experience that is all about acting on intuition, celebrates this inexplicable ability to intuit good, sound choices without the time, effort and energy of drawn-out decision-making processes. 

I designed Inthlete as an experiential game in which participants were divided in groups of two and then competed with each other to see whose intuition addressed a given challenge more effectively.

I have observed that people feel good and unique when they have the sense that their intuition is good. It's a pleasure response that comes from being right without knowing why.

One example of a takeaway is how to think in an action-oriented situation, i.e.a moment in which you have limited time or information but that requires you to act and adjust before arriving at the “right” solution. The idea was that after learning this process through the game experience, the participants could then repeat it in their own lives.



The experience was made up of 10 challenges:

  1. guess the answer to “407,561 x 283,393 = ? ”in 10 seconds
  2. predict which frame will light up next (they were randomized)
  3. estimate length of a tangled rope after only one glimpse
  4. estimate number of people in a picture after only one glimpse
  5. estimate the time without a clock
  6. play Rock-Scissor-Papers
  7. talk for a minute without pausing
  8. identify the main idea of an article after only one glimpse
  9. out of 5 keys, find the right one for opening a lock
  10. predict who will win

The challenges were placed on frames that would light up to signal how much time was left to answer each question. Participants ran around the room to the frames that lit up randomly, and two judges followed them to compare their answers and decide which person had the more accurate answer.