How do we reverse people's impression of algae — "gross",  and introduce algae as a sustainable material and innovative solution for low-carbon living? 

Team with Gahee Kang, Doug Fertig. 


Eon is an algae based air purifier designed by team Gahee Kang, Doug Fertig, and Xumeng Mou. By using algae’s natural ability to filter carbon dioxide from the environment and produce fresh oxygen, users are able to regularly breath fresh air while inside. 

We recognized a trend of people building DIY algae-based CO2 scrubbers on the internet. This is due to algae's excellent ability to inherently scrub CO2 from the atmosphere while requiring very little energy.

To transfer this product to a mass-produced item, we created Eon.


Frosted Gradient Surface

Since algae is not the most elegant liquid, we decided to finish the surface of Eon with a white frosted gradient to conceal most of the visible algae, while still allowing light to pass through and rendering the overall look to still be at a level that is worthy of display.